For the very first time Liquicity Springfestival will touch down in Rotterdam.


For questions regarding the events, please check our info page.


Previous events have sold out in advance. Get your ticket in time.


Looking for the best way to get to the venue? Take a look at our travel page.


πŸ“² You do not need to print your ticket. We can scan it from your phone.
πŸ”ž This is an 18+ event. Please make sure you bring a valid ID.
πŸ” Lockers are available downstairs for 5€ + 5€ deposit you will receive back once you return the key safely at the end of your stay.
πŸšͺ Doors do not close, you can enter throughout the whole day. In = in, out = out.
πŸ‘• Merchandise will be available in the chillout area. Card or cash.
πŸ•Ή Chillout with games & merch can be found in between room 1 and room 2. Another smaller chillout can be found next to the food stand behind room 2.
⏳ Timetable in the event description & as a post in the event / Instagram Story.
πŸ‘‚ Always take care of your ears! Quality reusable earplugs are available at the merchandise stand.
🍹 Bars only accept tokens which you can buy for 3,50€ each at in room 3, next to the lockers (only card).
🍟  Food options include sandwiches, pasta, fried foods and fruit.
πŸŽ’ Try not to bring any unnecessary items. This will help speed up entry for everyone and save space in your locker / on the dancefloor.
🚬  Please be mindful that the smoking area is rather small, so only go out there if you are actually smoking. For anything else please use the chillout areas.
🚾  Toilets are 1 token for the whole day.
⛔️ Don’t bring any of the following items: drugs, weapons, liquids, deodorants, writing equipment (markers, pens, fineliners, pencils etc.), food, perfumes, spray canisters, stickers, tape etc
πŸ…ΏοΈΒ  Limited parking available next to the venue. Paid until 18:00, free after that. Metro D or E to Maashaven. Bikes can be parked around the venue.